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Building Maintenance

The McNeill Contractors Ltd building maintenance division has been specifically structured to provide a high-quality and responsive service in all areas of maintenance, both short and long-term.

We are based in the North West of England and offer services including statutory maintenance, planned life cycle replacement, planned and reactive maintenance and much more. We provide these maintenance and facilities management services to a range of clients, guaranteeing the highest quality of workmanship at a competitive price.

Why choose McNeill’s building maintenance division?

McNeill Contractors Ltd know that time, quality and money are the three vital ingredients of first-class building maintenance. We identify the needs of each client and make sure that they are getting the very best quality in the most efficient time and for the best value, while also feeling that they are fully engaged and kept up to date in every stage of the process. During planning, completion and into after-care services, we guarantee that you are well-informed and know what is happening, how it is happening and when it is happening.

Our building maintenance customer service line is open 24 hours a day waiting to provide you with a solution and peace of mind. It is our exceptional client relationships and our levels of customer service that put us above the rest. We go the extra mile to ensure that we pass your expectations and develop lasting relationships across England through affordable building maintenance.

What experience does McNeill Contractors Ltd have in building maintenance?

The McNeill Contractors Ltd building maintenance division is based in the North West of England, but has worked in a wide variety of capacities around the country. From private and public landlords to school, healthcare, hotels, shops and cafes, we have built up a history of working with clients in various sectors. We beat the inflated pricing structures of other building maintenance divisions and deliver expeditious, efficient and cost-effective maintenance.

Our building maintenance division has many long-standing clients across the commercial, public and private sectors that we have developed beneficial relationships with over the years. This includes working in Costa Coffee shops all over England. Work in this regard can vary from plumbing, electrical wiring and fit-outs, to repairing damaged property. The McNeill building maintenance division promise the very best work at the very best price, no matter the size or complexity of the job.

How can I contact McNeill’s refurbishment contractors?

If you are searching for refurbishment contractors in the North West of England or further afield, contact McNeill Contractors Ltd either by phone 01253 986842 or by email:

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