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Refurbishment (residential)

At McNeill Contractors Ltd, we value restoration and refurbishment as highly as construction and alteration. Our refurbishment division is the most esteemed in the North West of England.

We specialise in design, fit-out and refurbishment projects, providing expertise and experience in refurbishing offices, shops and a wide variety of other premises. This division is highly innovative, creative and offers competitive prices for work of the highest standard.

What is refurbishment and when is it needed?

McNeill refurbishment contractors come into play when a space — be it a formal workspace, domestic living space or an entire shopping centre — is in need of returning to its former glory. It is inevitable that, over time, buildings and spaces both commercial and residential are going to gradually wane and will ultimately need some work to bring them back to the quality and condition they once displayed. That is where we come in.

Why use a refurbishment contractor like McNeill Contractors Ltd?

Your surroundings are paramount to life, especially in those places you frequent most. Homes, offices, schools and businesses around the country need to be kept in tip-top condition for safety, comfort and respectability. Buying new spaces or paying for fanciful extensions may not always be the answer when refurbishment contractors can renovate a building to make it look like it did on its first day.

It is important that refurbishment is done right. It can be seen as either a burden or an exciting opportunity for a facelift. Whether you think of it as an essential job that needs to be done swiftly or an inspirational renovation idea, refurbishment contractors provide the skills and expertise to make sure it will be done efficiently and promise both durability and work of the highest calibre.

Why choose McNeill Contractors Ltd as your refurbishment contractor?

As a refurbishment contractor, we promise attention to detail, a cost-effective plan and, most importantly, building a solid relationship with each and every customer. It is vital that we really get to know our customer and identify their individual needs and exactly what it is they envisage, down to the most minute of details.

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Our wide range of experience in refurbishment means that our team approaches every project with an in-depth knowledge of finding the best and most cost-effective solution. We embark on each task with a thorough understanding of the client’s desires, a meticulous approach and quality craftsmanship that you will not find anywhere else.

Which kinds of refurbishment do McNeill Contractors Ltd specialise in?

Over time, we have delivered both major and minor refurbishments in a variety of sectors across the country. McNeill’s refurbishment division has extensive experience working in both residential and commercial refurbishment, including office refurbishment, education refurbishment, healthcare refurbishment, leisure/retail refurbishment, and industrial/warehouse refurbishment. We have refurbished cinemas, swimming pools and other leisure spaces, soundproofed studios, fitted shops and refurbished a wide range of diverse kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and gardens. No matter the scale or complexity of the refurbishment, McNeill’s contractors are up to the task.

How can I contact McNeill’s refurbishment contractors?

If you are searching for refurbishment contractors in the North West of England or further afield, contact McNeill Contractors Ltd either by phone 01253 986842 or by email: