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The McNeill Contractors Ltd fit-out division specialises in making interior spaces fit for occupation, while guaranteeing a reliable, cost-effective and unique fit-out. We deliver services managed by the very best operatives, possessing an unrivalled depth of expertise.

Office fit-outs are a continual need as workplaces progress and expand — and we have provided our office fit-out services to a number of remarkable companies across the North East of England.

Why would I need an office fit-out and when is an office fit-out necessary?

Whichever industry you work in and however far-reaching your company is, your office needs to be in top condition. An organised, comfortable and safe workplace is essential to success, which means that offices, shops and all manner of business premises are, at some point in their existence, going to need sprucing up. So whether you’ve been in your working environment for eight months or eight years, an office fit-out guarantees the optimum use of the space that is available to you and allows you to reap the rewards of a tailored adjustment.

When it comes to working spaces, you’ll be surprised just how much a layout can affect those within it. When setting up offices and other business spaces, people go for the easy, quick solution, which is rarely the best way forward.

An office fit-out will redesign your space to perfectly fit your every need. Things like natural light, practicality of plug sockets and maximum usage of available space are all taken into account to ensure a fit-out of the highest calibre. Sometimes, your working space might feel too cramped, lack natural light, or just not be the right physical arrangement. Instead of thinking about looking to move elsewhere, an office fit-out could be the most logical and practical answer.

If your space is dull and uninspiring, it will affect your staff who are there for days on end. Investing in your workspace and making sure that it is open, comfortable and lively will inspire staff, instead of demoralise them. Employees who are inspired will consequently feel motivated and inevitably be more productive. So it is not always just a logical solution for the purposes of practicality and comfort, but it will likely end up being cost-effective in the long run, too.

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There is, of course, also the element of health and safety. Employees experience injuries in offices each year due to loose carpeting, stray wires, cluttered pathways and uneven floors. All of this has an instant remedy in an office fit-out and our knowledgeable specialists know how to carry out a fit-out that meets all of the regulations, designing an office that harmonises comfort, practicality and safety.

What is the process with office fit-outs?

The first stage of an office fit-out process is to identify your primary concerns, unearthing any current problems and how they can be improved. Some will be immediately evident and others will be less obvious. We will firstly ask you questions to make sure we fine tune the fit-out. We take into account everything behind your decision to follow through with a fit-out. Are your current offices outdated? Are you expanding, or simply reorganising? Are you rebranding? We carefully analyse your business and budget requirements before presenting you with a proposal.

Why choose the McNeill Contractors fit-out division?

At McNeill Contractors Ltd, we put you first. It is in the interests of both us and you to build a lasting, healthy relationship. This is what we pride ourselves on and our customers are hugely important to us. We want to make everything as easy as possible for you, so that you feel well informed and in good hands.

We are flexible in our understanding of specific requirements clients may have and welcome each and every challenge. Our experienced team has worked widely across a variety of sectors and appreciates every meticulous detail clients may have. We embrace our clients’ desires and are here to listen to them.

When carrying out an office fit-out, it is important that work is done expediently, but also that it is done with utmost diligence. We take pride in fulfilling your vision, providing a fit-out of the most esteemed craftsmanship and setting you up long-term with a unique and exquisite new working space.

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