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Management Systems

McNeill Contractors Ltd has formed a reputation for high quality construction installation work. The company is dedicated to providing a quality service to its customers with tailored care and attention that each project warrants.

These core values have been at the heart of McNeill Contractors Ltd success and has ensured repeat business has been gained and continues to do so.


At McNeill Contractors Ltd, we are committed to preserving and protecting the environment, and having as least impact as possible. Through an extensive Environmental Management System, McNeill Contractors Ltd proactively manages all risks to the business and continually looks to improve the performance where possible.

We apply due diligence to all our procurement methods and aim to use sustainable resources wherever possible.  This is sustained by the purchase of accredited and approved products and processes. Continual development, research and training in environmental management are conducted at McNeill Contractors Ltd, and we commit to this in the following ways:

  • Sourcing labour and materials from local areas.
  • Just in Time (JIT) site procedures so that waste in minimised.
  • Waste minimisation training at both site and office.
  • LPG vehicle procurement strategy and the release of older inefficient vehicles, helping to reduce carbon emissions and footprint.
  • Car sharing schemes and procurement of bikes as an alternative form of transport offered to employees.
  • Designing construction work and installation in line with BREEAM.

The company’s environmental advice is provided by an advisor who is an Associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA), and has also attained a Nebosh Diploma at level 6. This in-house expertise provides the company with expertise in this field and ensures that all information required is accurate.

Health & Safety

Health and safety here at McNeill Contractors Ltd is everyone’s concern. There is a culture that, where something can be done to ensure that everyone goes home safely, then the team is committed to achieving this.

This team is backed by professional in-house and external advisors who provide expert advice and manage all aspects of health and safety throughout the group. Each advisor is an Associate or Chartered member of the Institute of Safety & Health (IOSH), qualified CDM Coordinators through the Association of Project Safety (APS) and has additionally attained a high level of competency through various qualifications such as Nebosh and post graduate diplomas.

Not only are the head office side of the business fully resourced in health and safety, so is the site element with each site manager being qualified to the CITB’S Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) standard as a minimum requirement.


McNeill Contractors Ltd has pledged and are committed to delivering projects with the highest quality, and this is evident in all stages throughout the construction process from inception to completion.

Continued emphasis is placed on harmonising systems and procedures, and this is substantiated by the innovative and holistic approach taken by the team.

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